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Local Shopping for the Last Minute Shopper

December 19th, 2018

There are those who have all their Christmas shopping planned out, purchased, wrapped and ready to go before Thanksgiving even strikes…and then there are those of us who find themselves the weekend before Christmas asking, “what am I going to do?!” If you land in the latter category this year (or every year), are looking to save some time, do not have time for shipping and delivery, or just want to support your local economy, this list is for you!

Kathy’s Basket Case

Have someone on your list with a very specific interest or hobby? How about someone who knows exactly what they enjoy? Kathy’s Basket Case is the answer for your precise person! Take a minute to browse online at, where you will find Kathy’s passion for putting together custom baskets. Each basket made is meant to bring joy to those who matter the most to you and is made “with thoughtfulness and love.”

MAMS Cigar Shop

For the cigar aficionado, the curious, or the Veteran who wants to support a fellow Veteran. MAMS Cigar Shop is located at, 107 E Wright Blvd., Universal City, TX 78148, and is owned by a Veteran who offers a 10% Military Discount. The storefront states it is “where everyone’s a VIP,” they offer a range of unique cigar boxes and have plenty of specials ( So if you know someone who fits the bill, make sure to swing by MAMS Cigar Shop this weekend.

Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop

When you visit their website,, you will be greeted with “Something for Every Nature Lover.” WBU is a national franchise, but your local franchise owners set up shop at 3820 FM3009, Suite 152, Schertz, TX 78154 for every nature lover on your list. They offer a series of nature talks, gift cards and gifts to help bring nature to your home. Now through December 31st, they are offering a 20% discount off of one regularly-priced item.

TheStore- Imports, Antiques & More

“Looking for a Gift for family? A friend? Or a treat for yourself? Then come see us at theSTORE! We have amazing locally made Soaps, Bath Bombs,  Skincare, Jewelry, and candles! There are Tote Bags, Women’s Clothing, Sunglasses, and Cases, Wallets, Cosmetic Cases – the list goes on and on!” Their words, not mine, but I think this one speaks for itself, and very well! Stop by TheStore, located at 18816 FM 2252, Garden Ridge, Texas 78266 for pretty much anyone, even to reward yourself for knocking this Christmas gift giving out of the park…the local park!

Did you know psychologists believe the gift giver reaps more benefits mentally when giving a gift than the receiver does? So as much as this is about them, it is also about you, and you are doing a great job just by caring so much to make it just right. We certainly hope you find your way to all the right gifts to wrap up your Christmas shopping, and that some of these local shops helped get the job done! Happy hunting, but most importantly, Happy Holidays!