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Meet Karla, Homestead’s Lifestyle Director

April 25th, 2022

Homestead is excited to introduce Karla Aguilar – our new Lifestyle Director! Brimming with energy and new ideas, Karla is the perfect fit to bring Homestead’s community programming to life.

Karla was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas, but moved to San Antonio in 2014 and never left. A native Texan, she loves to explore and go on hikes with her dog, as well as spend quality time with friends and family. She’s thrilled to be the new Lifestyle Director at Homestead, a job she’s has a passion.

“I toured the property and fell in love with the look of the community,” Karla said, “I felt a pull at my heart that this is where I was supposed to be.”

She can’t wait to get started planning events and activities that take advantage of Homestead’s amenities. “The huge lawn is a perfect venue for fun and creative outdoor activities,” said Karla. “And the huge splash pad makes for a fun and easy way to spend the hot days of spring and summer.”

But her most important goals? Bring residents together and build a sense of community, so residents feel comfortable using the whole community as their backyard. “On a micro scale, I hope my efforts will make neighbors into friends. On a macro scale, I would like our residents to love where they live so much that the lifestyle at Homestead reaches far beyond the community streets,” she explained.

Homestead residents can expect some traditional events, and some that are more out of the ordinary. “Major holidays are so important for families, but in between those holidays I am planning some events and entertainment they probably have never experienced or never knew was possible to have in the comfort of their own community,” Karla said. Residents can look forward to holiday parties and neighborhood parades, but also events like outdoor movies, adults-only craft nights and plenty of social groups.

Homestead has a strong military presence, and Karla is considering the special needs of these families, too. “There is a strong bond military families share with one another,” she said. “Having events throughout the year gives each family opportunities to come together in a different setting.”

“I’d like prospective and even current residents to know that your home at Homestead goes beyond your four walls,” said Karla. “Acceptance, fun and community are on my top priorities for making living at Homestead the best possible place for them and their families.”

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